An Interview with Ruth Hogan

An Interview with Ruth Hogan

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Ruth Hogan is the bestselling author of The Keeper of Lost Things. The book was published in 2017 and was a Richard and Judy Book Club pick the same year. Recently, she spoke to Abigail Jaggers about being a method writer, listening to audiobooks, and her new book The Wisdom of Sally Red Shoes. You can listen to the highlights of the interview below:

On Describing Herself:

“ I was brought up in a house where things were collected,”


On Articles That Inspired The Keeper of Lost Things:

“Nowadays there’s so much choice about what people can do with cremation remains […] he said sometimes people get paralysed by the choice.”


On Being a Method Writer:

“I always say I’m a method writer, a bit like a method actor – I make the world and then I live in it.”


On Including the Character of Sunshine:

“I feel like I shouldn’t admit this, because I feel like it’s saying one of your children is your favourite, but she is my favourite character!”


On Taking Inspiration from Photographs:

“There’s a particular photographer I like called Diane Arbus,”


On Writing Through a Cancer Diagnosis:

“I remember saying to my consultant – ‘look, this is a really bad time for me, can we hurry along with this please?’”


On the Theme of Recovery:

“There is nearly always a way forward, it’s just finding it.”


On Turning The Keeper of Lost Things into an Audiobook:

“My dad actually read the book first, and then he listened to the audiobook,”


On Listening to Audiobooks:

“I love that – that you can be doing your ironing, but be transported into another world because you’re listening to a book!”


On the Promotion for The Keeper of Lost Things:

“All the lost things that I’d gathered while I was writing it I used in the window display.”


On Her New Book The Wisdom of Sally Red Shoes:

“There’s a tremendous twist in the tale for this one as well!”

The props that will be used in the promotional window for The Wisdom of Sally Red Shoes by Ruth Hogan

A sneak peek at the props Ruth Hogan will be using in the promotional window for the release of her new book The Wisdom of Sally Red Shoes!

Thank you very much to Ruth Hogan for speaking to us!

If you want to listen to The Keeper of Lost Things, you can download or stream the audiobook from our library! You can find out more about Ruth on her website.


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