Cass Green Interview

Cass Green Interview

Cass Green is the bestselling author of the psychological thriller books The Woman Next Door and In A Cottage In A Wood. Starting out as a journalist, she is now also a writer in residence for East Barnet School, and teaches Writing for Children at City University. She also writes young adult fiction.

Abigail Jaggers spoke to her recently about teaching, writing her novels, and audiobooks:


On Becoming a Writer

“I’m enjoying very much being here in this new world of writing!”


On Teaching Creative Writing:

“I’ve really got a lot from it!”


On What She Likes the Most About Teaching:

“It’s just lovely when you can see people getting certain concepts that I think I found out the hard way!”


On the Difference Between Writing YA and Adult Novels:

“I think you learn an awful lot about plotting from writing for young people”


On Writing The Woman Next Door:

“I had a mental picture of somebody looking through their window at somebody else’s shopping delivery”


On The Characters of Melissa and Hester:

“I wanted there to be a bit of clear water between the two voices, so you knew absolutely who you were with”


On the Idea for In A Cottage In A Wood:

“I really did imagine myself turning up in the middle of the night…and just how terrified I would be”


On the Audiobook Narrators of Her Novels:

“With my second thriller, In A Cottage In A Wood, I had somebody in mind”


On Her Love of Audiobooks:

“I listen so much, I get through them so quickly”


On Her New Novel, Don’t You Cry:

“The audio version is going to be available before the print and kindle version of the book!”



Thank you very much to Cass Green for speaking to us! If you want to listen to The Woman Next Door or In A Cottage In A Wood, you can borrow them from our library!


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