Interview: Sarah Millican on writing, laughing, and what she’s up to now

Interview: Sarah Millican on writing, laughing, and what she’s up to now
Sarah Millican is a comedian, and all round lovely person, who does stand up around the country, is often on panel shows and Live at the Apollo, and has her own TV show The Sarah Millican Television Programme. But this is only the start…

Holly Newson chatted to Sarah on the phone about who makes her laugh, the success of her radio show, and how she’s keeping the art of hand-writing alive.

She’s funny (no surprise there) and incredibly warm and genuine.

On being surrounded by funny friends and family:

“My sister always says, ‘We’re all funny in this house, but Sarah’s the only that gets paid to do it.'”


On her favourite comics:

“So many comics are just doing such good work at the minute and it’s an absolute pleasure to sit in an audience.”


On her radio show Sarah Millican’s Support Group:

“There’s nothing funnier than an audience member, they’re so brilliant and they have great stories that you can’t make up.”


On how hand-writing her stand up shows is keeping pen and paper alive:

“I feel like I’m in my nineties now, and I’m like ‘Everything’s too modern!'”


On how her parents have influenced her style of comedy:

“My mum is very funny and is very dark and quite rude – and even though when she see’s me on stage she thinks I’m rude, I think ‘Well it’s you that I get it from!'”


On how she loves television and radio, but loves stand up the most:

“Stand up is like the trunk of my tree and all the rest of the things are branches that come off it.”


On the role storytelling plays in her life and career:

“When he tells a story that we’ve heard a million times, we still let him tell it because it’s still worth listening to.”


On where you can catch her on telly soon:

“I’m doing A Big Fat Quiz, that’ll be on over Christmas.”


On what she’ll be up to over the coming months:

“I’ve already started writing the next tour show…”


Thanks to Sarah for chatting to us!

Listening Books members can find her radio show Sarah Millican’s Support Group in our library.

If you’d like to find out more about Sarah, check out her website


This post was written by Holly Newson

Picture credit: Adrian Long

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