A Poem For The OverDrive Sleep Timer

A Poem For The OverDrive Sleep Timer

Have you ever tried to get to sleep and found it impossible? Listening Books audio producer Nik de Garis has written a poem all about this problem, and the solution – the OverDrive sleep timer!


‘Twas the Audiobook Before Christmas


‘Twas the eve before Christmas, and all through the night

I had managed not a wink, though try as I might,

The decorations were hung up all through the house

But I was up, awake in my night blouse.


The children were nestled, all snug in their beds

While visions of iPhones ran through their heads.

The turkey was resting in its sweet marinade

But if I were to sleep, though, I’d need an aid.


When out in the garden arose a huge clatter

I sprang from my bed to see what was the matter.

The lights had switched on, but no one was there!

It was just a fox caught in the beaming light’s glare.


Then in the night sky, a twinkling of stars

That shot through the air like new racing cars.

Were my eyes deceiving me, or was this a dream?

Did I see a sleigh that was picking up steam?


With reindeer up front, and a big, bright red light

I couldn’t believe it – such a wondrous sight!

A thump on the roof and a gust down the chimney

And through the dust I saw, though very dimly,


Dressed in a large red coat, and with white facial hair

A red hat, red trousers and black boots – a pair –

And headphones plugged in to a red and green player

(Must have been some sort of MP3 conveyor)


It was St Nicholas, who jolted in shock

At seeing me dressed in only my smock.

He paused listening to The Grinch Who Stole Christmas

And spoke to me loudly through the night stillness


“Why are you not asleep at this late hour?

I’m here to bring presents, don’t look so sour!”

I said, “St Nick I can’t sleep, nothing seems to work,

I’ve tried counting sheep, but the sheep just smirk!


I’ve had a go at warm milk, but it did very little

Except to help my bones be a little less brittle!

I’ve even tried lavender, and though the smell was divine

But for helping me sleep, the plant wasn’t fine!”


St Nicholas smiled, for he’d seen this before,

“I’ve just the thing,” he said, “that’ll soon make you snore.

Do you listen to audiobooks on the OverDrive app?”

“Of course I do,” I replied, “Will that help me nap?”


“I have just the trick,” he said, “that can help you snooze,

On the audio player page, make sure to choose

The sleep timer button that is shaped like a moon

So your book won’t keep playing if you sleep until noon!”


Listening to a story would help me to sleep

Now the book won’t play all night, so I don’t need to weep

“Thank you St Nick, you’ve helped me a lot,

Now I can dream of castles, or a killer robot!”


And with that the jolly man waved me adieu

As I climbed into bed to listen to a novel debut,

I clicked on the sleep timer set to ten minutes,

By which time I would be at sleep’s outer limits.


But what of St Nick, and his reindeer overhead,

And all of the Christmas joy that they spread?

Well, even Santa Claus has to sleep sometimes,

And Listening Books can help, even with bad rhymes!


Want to find out more about using the OverDrive sleep timer? Check out the instructions on their website!


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