Little Women: Audiobook Advent, Day Twelve

Little Women: Audiobook Advent, Day Twelve

The time is passing so quickly – we’re exactly half way through our Audiobook Advent Calendar!

For Day Twelve, we’re featuring the Little Women audiobook. This classic story by Louisa May Alcott begins on Christmas Eve 1861 with the March sisters, and follows them as they grow up amidst the turmoils, adventures, and hardships of the American Civil War.

There is Meg, the eldest, plump and fair; Jo, the tomboy who longs to be a writer and fights against the constraints of her sex; Beth, shy, timid, and delicate, who brings out the protective instinct in others; and Amy, the youngest and brightest and, at least in her own estimation, the most important.

The household is presided over by Mrs. March, their “Marmee,” who tries to rule with kindness and to create harmony amongst her four little women.

Little Women ends in the same way as it opened – on Christmas Day. The sisters have changed a lot over the time, but each sister is thankful for her blessings.

This is a perfect festive listen.

Want to listen to a clip from the audiobook of Little Women? Click the image below:

Little Women Audiobook Sample

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