Invasion of the Christmas Puddings: Audiobook Advent, Day Seventeen

Invasion of the Christmas Puddings: Audiobook Advent, Day Seventeen

You may feel like where you live has been invaded by Christmas puddings, but this is the story of what it would be like if that really happened!

Invasion of the Christmas Puddings by Jeremy Strong is all about zombie Christmas puddings. Yes, you read that right!

‘Tis the season to be jolly tra-la-la-la-la…’

BUT WAIT! Father Christmas’ EVIL brother, Bad Christmas, is plotting to take over the world. His poisonous Christmas puddings that turn humans into zombies are pouring through from The Other Side in their millions. Millions of Christmas puddings, all made of deadly sticky matter!

But four children from Plumpot Primary have escaped the puddings. Are they in time to stop Bad Christmas and save the world?

Prepare to be…puddified!

Are you ready to experience this incredible Christmas pudding story? Listen to a clip from the audiobook by clicking play below:

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