Exploring the Jane Austen House Museum

Exploring the Jane Austen House Museum
A house in Chawton – now the Jane Austen House Museum – was Jane Austen’s home where she wrote almost all of her novels. It has been preserved and restored for Jane Austen lovers to experience. Not only is it fascinating to see the desk at which she wrote, it also provides a glimpse into some potential inspiration for parts of her novels.

In Sense and Sensibility, for example, Barton Cottage is thought to have been based on Jane’s Chawton home!

With this in mind, we went to explore the Jane Austen House Museum – and took a camera so we could share some goodies with you:

To start with – take a look around the house with us, and hear the similarities between Jane’s home and Barton Cottage:

(The audio extract is used with kind permission from Naxos Audiobooks)


After exploring inside, we sat down in the gardens with the curator of the museum, Mary Guyatt, to chat about the house, running it as a museum, and Jane Austen’s writing habits:

We hope you’ve enjoyed these videos and getting to experience a little bit of what the house has to offer! If you’d like to know more about the Jane Austen House Museum, head over to their website.

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This post was written by Holly Newson. The audio and video was recorded and edited by Holly Newson. The interviewer was Abigail Jaggers.

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