Disabled Access Day – What you need to know

Disabled Access Day – What you need to know
Disabled Access Day begun in 2015 with a view to furthering the conversation between disabled individuals and venues, and to raise the profile of disabled access. This year it takes place on 12th March 2016.

Disabled Access Day is not just about the design of transport and buildings, but also about venues and companies communicating with disabled people in order to explain the processes they have in place and encouraging a two way dialogue as to how to make these processes and any equipment as good as they can be.

On Disabled Access Day, events take place across the UK (and Europe!) for disabled people, their friends, family and carers. The idea is to visit one place that you’ve never been to before. It could be a cafe, a gallery, a sports ground – anything!

For specific events taking place, you can check out what’s on here.

But don’t worry if there’s not an event in your area – it’s still great to just go somewhere new or do an activity you don’t usually do.

Also, there’s some offers and promotions going – so keep an eye out for these!

Euan’s Guide, a disabled access review website and app, are the main sponsor for the event. You can visit www.EuansGuide.com to find out more.

And for anyone looking to make their business or premises more accessible, this Disabled Access Day Pinterest board is full of useful articles:

Follow Disabled Access Day’s board Tops Tips on Pinterest.

Check out the Disabled Access Day website to find out more, including how you can help and get involved.

And do share this article to raise awareness!


This post was written by Holly Newson.

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