The Christmas Collection: Audiobook Advent, Day Ten

The Christmas Collection: Audiobook Advent, Day Ten

We’re in double digits of our Audiobook Advent Calendar and for some people it’s snowing!

For the second Sunday of advent, we’ve chosen The Christmas Collection. This anthology of poems, carols and even a recipe dating from 1934 will bring Christmas spirit to everyone!

But, if you’re someone who isn’t always a fan of Christmas, there’s even a whole section called ‘Curmudgeonly Christmas’. It features diatribes against the seasonal holiday that will even warm the heart of the Grinch!

This collection includes complete versions of old favourites and new discoveries. There is an account of Christmas on the Home Front and a poverty-stricken Christmas in turn-of-the-century New York. But there is also a reading of A Visit from St Nicholas which is more commonly known as The Night Before Christmas.

Adding the final touch is the music: from traditional Christmas carols and Corelli to Benjamin Britten. On this recording, Christmas past brings alive Christmas present.

Listen to a clip from The Christmas Collection by clicking the image below:

The Christmas Collection Audiobook Sample

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