The Battle for Christmas: Audiobook Advent, Day Nine

The Battle for Christmas: Audiobook Advent, Day Nine

Nine Days into our Audiobook Advent Calendar and we’ve finally got to cosmic pyjamas!

The Battle for Christmas is the first Jeremy Strong Christmas book we’re featuring in our advent calendar. It is also is the first book in the Cosmic Pyjamas series! The cosmic pyjamas are magical, but they’re also dangerous so be careful!

When Ellie puts on her new pyjamas, strange things start to happen.

She and her little brother, Max, are whisked off to the Christmas Shop where a battle is raging between a valiant troop of toys and the scaaaarry Christmas Tree Fairy and her army of angels.

Can Ellie and Max save Christmas for the world – or will they be arrested for being mince spies?

Want to listen to a clip from The Battle for Christmas? Click play below:


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