101 Dalmatians: Audiobook Advent, Day Five

101 Dalmatians: Audiobook Advent, Day Five

Behind Day Five of our Audiobook Advent Calendar are 101 Extremely Good Doggos.

Everyone probably knows the story of 101 Dalmatians from Disney. Whether you’ve seen the animated film or the live action version, it’s a classic, charming story!

Pongo and Missis Pongo live with their humans – Mr and Mrs Dearly. The dogs consider the humans their pets, but allow the humans to think they are the owners. One night, Missis gives birth to a litter of 15 puppies!

Mr. and Mrs. Dearly attend a dinner party hosted by Cruella de Vil, an intimidating and very wealthy woman fixated with fur.

cruella devil - 101 dalmatians

Shortly after the dinner party, the puppies disappear. The humans fail to trace them but through the “Twilight Barking”, a forum of communication in which dogs can relay messages to each other across the country, the dogs manage to track them down to “Hell Hall”, the ancestral home of the de Vil family in Suffolk.

Pongo and Missis decide to run away from home and find them. After a journey across the countryside, they learn that there are 97 puppies in Hell Hall, including their own 15.

And so the fearless pair set out on a bleak winter’s journey into great dangers, helped along the way by the sheepdog Colonel. They are determined attempt to rescue the Dalmatian puppies quickly before they end up as fur for one of Cruella de Vil’s famous black and white fur coats.

The dalmatians escape in the snow


Listen to a clip from 101 Dalmatians by clicking the image below:

Listen to a clip from 101 Dalmatians Audiobook


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